When I first saw that twitter had a new 6 second video platform… it left me scratching my head.  Why?  I mean seriously… what could a six second video achieve?  It left me wondering if it was a going to be a passing fad or something more.  But… I thought the same thing about twitter when it first launched.

As a marketer we always look for something new that will connect with consumers.  But I wasn’t convinced so I waited to see what would happen.

Here’s what I found from business who are using vine.

Here an example of an unboxing.  As mundane as it sounds, the idea of receiving something in the mail is always nice.  Here we see the unboxing of apparel.

This company ran a campaign where customers could send in their unboxing using vine which made receiving the goods fun.  But they also added an extra dimension of offering a giveaway.  Nice.

Here a travel company ran a campaign inviting customers to produce a 6 second clip of a piece of paper on a journey.  Instructions were given using twitter and the clips were stitched together to make a longer video. Have a look…

Clever.  This might be a great way for consumers to give you their first impression of a new product.

Here’s a how a German newspaper demonstrates the work that goes into the production of their newspaper using vine.

It provides one with an idea of the sorts of things that can be produced using a time-lapse process to demonstrate something being built.

Here a company used vine to show a solution to a problem. Cayenne pepper is shown being used to keep squirrels out of a flower garden.

In the US, Honda used Vine to tun a campaign called #wantnewcar. Honda staff were to respond to tweets using vine. Have a look…

It would be interesting to see the results of this campaign to see if it had any affect on sales, particularly long-term sales. If nothing else, Honda would have has a ton of reasons why people want a new car… and a ton of new twitter followers which they can re-market to. Not to mention a ton of new media that can be reused by staff posting responses to vine. Clever.

Here Oreo shows consumers how to make a Hack Snack or Cookie Cubes using milk. A clever way to make more use of Oreos which I suspect translates to more sales. 

Here Oreos shows further use of their product using vine. Simple stuff yet very effective.

Vine. Simple and effective. I think it’s here to stay…