This is what I love about marketing.  Trying to understand the connections that people have between products and brands.

The following video is a Budweiser beer commercial launched at the American Superbowl football.  You will notice the distinct absence of any beer bottles in the commercial.  Have a look…

What beer companies have come to understand about their customers is that drinking beer is more often a social event between friends.  Therefore, positioning mateship (or as this commercial calls it “best buds”… yep its American) with a brand of beer is very clever marketing.  Indirectly, Budweiser is paving a connection between its brand and drinking beer with your best mates (or in this case “Best Buds”).  Marketers know that most purchases are based on emotion rather than logic.  The commercial also appeals to women because it doesn’t go overboard with male friendship stereotypes.  It also tells a story.  Marketers are acutely aware that the best messages are layered in story telling.

Notice how that Budweiser also wrap up the commercial in social media by using twitter hash tags.  It now gives leverage to the youtube campaign by giving it every opportunity for it to be shared again and again.  Smart.

Well done Budweiser.  Nice commercial.