Getting Started

wordpress-iconThis tutorial assumes you have installed Custom Contact Forms.  If you haven’t you can download it here

It also assumes you have configured Custom Contact Forms and tested it.


A training agency has a contact form and they would like to add a drop down list for students to select which course they would like to enrol into.  There are 10 course to choose from.

Our work flow will look like this:

  1. Create your form.
  2. Add and/or create necessary fields.  One of the fields we shall call “courses”.  We are going to add options in this field to match the course options.
  3. Create all 10 field options.
  4. Attached the options to the field.
  5. Save the form
  6. Add the form to our page.

Lets assume you have created your form and added the fields.

We now need to create the field options:

We start adding in the options.  We will need to create the 10 course options.  As such this step will be repeated 10 times typing in all applicable values.

Once all the field options have been added, we need to go back to the fields tab

Find the field Courses and click the options button.

This is where all field options are added.  It’s important to remember that ALL options for ALL fields will show up here.  Therefore we only need to choose the course options that we typed up in the previous step.

Select each option and click attach.  Repeat this until all course options have been selected.


Make sure you SAVE when you have finished adding everything


Go to the form on your webpage and refresh it.

Click on the courses list (our label here is How can we Help) and make sure all your field options have been added in…


When new courses become available, the list is easily updated by adding in new field options AND THEN attaching them to the list.

Removing list items is just a matter of deleting them from the list.