Flickr allows you to upload photos that will also connect to your personal facebook page.  This can be managed from within your flickr settings.

But what if you want to add photos to  facebook page?

This cannot be done from Flickr.

It has to be done from facebook.

Follow these easy steps to install a Flickr app that will display your Flickr images onto your facebook pages.

Login to Facebook.

In the search bar type in Flickr.  Several options will be presented.  Choose the Flickr Tab App.

If you cannot find it, click here URL:

You will be taken to the Flickr facebook App installation page

Click Install App

Choose the Facebook Page you would like to display your images on.

Click Add page Tab

By default, the Flickr Tab App will display a bunch of random images from Flickr.

We need to change the settings to load in your own Flickr images.

Click in the small arrow in the top right of the App to display the App settings.

It will ask you for your Flickr ID.

Log into your Flickr account.

Click on ALBUMS.

When Flickr albums page loads, have a look in the address bar.  You will see your ID in in between /photos/yourIDnumber/sets.


Copy your ID number and paste it into the Facebook Flickr Tab App

Click Save Settings and you will see your photos load in.

Users can browse youphotos using the tabs in the Flickr Page

But lets take this a step further.

Lets change the tab name from Flickr to “Photos”.

Click More and select Manage Tabs

Alight box will open.

Click Add or Remove tabs

A list of App will apear.

On the Flickr Tab, click Settings

Change the Tab Name to photos

Click Save.

Your Done.